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Foundation Level in Clinical Hypnotherapy

As a therapist or Counsellor, are you looking to work at a deeper level with your clients?

Working with clients, are you aware of their frustration as they want to make changes but keep going round in circles back to where they started?

Recognise that understanding and harnessing the potential of the subconscious mind is the portal to lasting change?

Is Hypnotherapy something that you have heard about or considered and would like to explore this powerful healing modality?

Ready to add the transformative power of Clinical Hypnotherapy to your current therapeutic skill set?

Here at The Life Edit Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy we understand the power of the subconscious mind in maintaining the status quo to ensure safety and security in the minds and lives of those who seek our support.

As a multi-modality therapist, I recognise that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to life or to supporting those who seek our help. I also know that sometimes we don’t want to commit ourselves to yet another Diploma but want to ensure that any additional skills we train in are accredited and ‘safe’ to use with the clients we work with. It is because of this that I have taken the core principles and skills from our Diploma Level 4 qualification and created this Foundation opportunity for you.

Through this General Hypnotherapy Register Foundation Level accredited training with a minimum of 50 hours guided learning, you will achieve their Associate Level membership together with the opportunity to advance this to Level 4 Full Member Practitioner Level or even Advanced Practitioner.

Training Modules

Module One

• History of Hypnosis
• Explanation of Hypnosis
• Functions of the mind
• Power of suggestion
• Basic rapport building
• Laws of suggestion
• Sensory systems
• Behaviour modification
• 1-to-1 Hypnosis practice session

Module Two

• Laws of suggestion
• The VAK induction (totes)
• Planning your therapy
• Taboo words
• Labelling
• Specific questioning
• Verbal and non verbal communication
• Abreaction
• Working remotely

Module Three

• Deepening the trance state
• Anchoring the trance state
• The therapy process
• Formulating suggestions
• Post Hypnotic suggestions
• Metaphors for therapy
• Subjective interpretations
• Contingent suggestions
• Psychological phenomena in Hypnosis
• Regression and Revivification
• Working in the now
• Visualisation techniques

Module Four

• Nominalisations
• Predicates
• Group Hypnosis
• Self Hypnosis
• Collapsing anchors
• Submodalities
• Catalepsy
• Stress management
• Reframing
• Marketing
• Business stationery

Module Five

• Auto suggestion
• Client questionnaire
• Pseudo-orientation in time
• Aversion therapy
• Fears and Phobias
• Pain management
• Past life regression
• Future pacing
• Past life therapy