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Practitioner Level in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Looking to step into a new direction and learn a new skill?

Are you in a role that no longer satisfies you, draining your energy and enthusiasm?

Would you like to develop a business alongside your current career or exit plan that fulfils and excites you?

Experienced Hypnotherapy personally, know it’s power and want to share it with others?

Here at The Life Edit Academy, you will be taught the history, science and application of Clinical Hypnotherapy through 10 in depth, fully comprehensive modules accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Explore the ways in which hypnotherapy can be used and develop the confidence to use these therapeutic interventions with others, 
Engage in personal and group therapy for the duration of the training,
And be equipped with the business tools, coaching and mentoring to establish yourself as a Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

This course is designed to be of particular relevance to those in the caring profession as well as anyone who has an interest in the field of human potential and personal development. Whilst academic qualifications may be an advantage, we regard it as only being a small part of the learning curve to becoming a competent clinical hypnotherapist.

Through this comprehensive training programme, you will learn:-

  • The history of Hypnosis
  • The power of the Subconscious Mind
  • A range of tools and skills of Hypnosis
  • Where and how these can be used
  • How to create your own therapeutic tools
  • The foundations of establishing your own Hypnotherapy practice

Training Modules

Module One

• History of Hypnosis
• Explanation of Hypnosis
• Functions of the mind
• Power of suggestion
• Basic rapport building
• Laws of suggestion
• Sensory systems
• Behaviour modification
• 1-to-1 Hypnosis practice session

Module Two

• Laws of suggestion
• The VAK induction (totes)
• Planning your therapy
• Taboo words
• Labelling
• Specific questioning
• Verbal and non verbal communication
• Abreaction
• Working remotely

Module Three

• Deepening the trance state
• Anchoring the trance state
• The therapy process
• Formulating suggestions
• Post Hypnotic suggestions
• Metaphors for therapy
• Subjective interpretations
• Contingent suggestions
• Psychological phenomena in Hypnosis
• Regression and Revivification
• Working in the now
• Visualisation techniques

Module Four

• Nominalisations
• Predicates
• Group Hypnosis
• Self Hypnosis
• Collapsing anchors
• Submodalities
• Catalepsy
• Stress management
• Reframing
• Marketing
• Business stationery

Module Five

• Auto suggestion
• Client questionnaire
• Pseudo-orientation in time
• Aversion therapy
• Fears and Phobias
• Pain management
• Past life regression
• Future pacing
• Past life therapy

Module Six

Applications workshop 1

• Neuroplasticity
• Working with anxiety
• Panic attacks
• Mindfulness
• Working with depression
• Effects of medication

Module Seven

Applications workshop 2

• Bereavement
• Insomnia
• Obstetrics
• Hypno birthing
• Fertility
• Weight control

Module Eight

Applications workshop 3

• Smoking cessation
• Vaping cessation
• Working content free
• Sports enhancement
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Rapid inductions

Module Nine

• Inner child experience
• Working with children
• Safeguarding children

Module Ten

• Transference and counter transference
• Eye accessing cues
• Hypnotic tips for success
• Confidentiality
• Setting up a professional practice
• Client referrals via NHS and GP’s
• Supervision
• Graduation